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Main Calendar

How to Use this Calendar

This is the main calendar for all activities associated with HS and PCYLO program.

To make it less confusing, you may tag only the teams you want to see the calendars for.  

  • You need to be logged into the site to access this feature (see log-in in upper left corner).
  • Go down to the bottom of the page and select "Show Tag Menu"
  • Select "Clear All Tags". This will blank out the calendar
  • Then scroll down and select only the teams you want to see. For example, "Junior Boys All (Spring 2018)"
  • Repeat this for any other teams you want to see.  Multiple teams can be selected. 

You can import the dates on your calendar on this site into your own calendar software (if it supports subscriptions). Just click on the "Subcribe to iCal feed" below the calendar, copy the link provided, and paste it into the appropriate place in your calendar software.

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