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PCYLO Philosophy

Pillars of Park City Lacrosse

Work Hard, Have Fun, Respect the Game! 

About Park City Youth Lacrosse

The Park City Youth Lacrosse Organization (PCYLO) runs programs for boys and girls K-8th grade. Our primary purpose is to teach and promote the game of lacrosse in a fun, safe and sportsmanlike environment.  As a youth sports organization, PCYLO is dedicated to the skill development of lacrosse players of all abilities. Along with teaching lacrosse, PCYLO strives to instill the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, fair play and a love of the sport of lacrosse, along with respect for teammates, coaches, officials, and opponents; in essence, we "Honor the Game."

PCYLO believes that sportsmanship is a way of life and will conduct all activities in a manner that will set an example of good sportsmanship and friendly competition for our young players and the community.

 We use the acronym "ROOTS" to help remind our players, parents, and coaches to respect the game.  

  • Rules: We refuse to bend the rules to win
  • Opponents: A worthy opponent is a gift that brings out our best
  • Officials: Show respect even when we disagree
  • Teammates: Never do anything to embarrass our team
  • Self: We live up to our own standards even when others don’t

PCYLO Philosophy: Excellence Through Athletics



  • To foster an environment that promotes athletic achievement & excellence, but more importantly, the achievement of excellence in life


  • Promote Interest in the sport of lacrosse in Park City and surrounding areas
  • Increase youth participation in the sport of lacrosse in our community
  • Provide an environment in which every youth athlete: 
    • Learns the skills, tactics and strategies of the game so that they improve as a player
    • Feels safe & welcome
    • Experiences positive coaching and encouragement
    • Has fun playing the game
    • Feels like an important part of a team
    • Learns “life lessons” such as sportsmanship and leadership that have value beyond the playing field


  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Discipline
  • Teamwork
  • Passion