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Girls Spring Schedule 2019

Schedule for Spring 2019- "Winter Schedule"

The schedule will be added to Sports Engine’s calendaring system once teams are formed. You will be able to use the Sports Engine app to view the calendar and latest updates via notifications. 

In the meantime, see below for the spring "winter" schedule. *Note your player's grade division (K-2, 3/4, 5/6 or 7/8)

*The schedule is subject to change.  Scheduling changes will be communicated to you by the coaching staff via email. 

*The schedule runs up until Spring Break.  Basin Recreation and PC Recreation do not give us field dates/times for the remainder of April and May until the beginning of April.   

*Note that WE WILL have a game on Saturday, April 13th (second Saturday of Spring Break).  Our bye week will be Saturday, April 6th.  IMLAX controls the schedule, PCYLO does not.  

Please note that PCYLO does its best to devise a schedule that meets the needs of players, parents and our coaches.  There is a myriad of variables that make scheduling difficult, including limited field space, mother nature and field stakeholders that take precedence over PCYLO.  We understand that conflicts are inevitable, and apologize in advance if our schedule does not work for you.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the flexibility to change the schedule.